“I feel I have learned more this week than I have my whole life.”-2017 MIYLT Camper


“My favorite part was feeling that I changed as a person. This camp shows you how to be comfortable with others, be yourself, how to respect others, team building, and so much more.”- 2017 MIYLT Camper


“Leadership is like a car. It needs all of its parts to move and it always has a destination. Its parts work together to achieve the common goal of making the car move.”-2017 MIYLT Camper


“I didn’t learn how to be a leader. I learned how to be myself and it just so happens that I am a leader.”

-2016 MIYLT Camper


“Camp was powerful. It really made you think about life and human nature.”

-2016 MIYLT Camper


“It helped me define myself as a leader in the making and has improved my skills so so much. I have come a long way.”

-2016 MIYLT Camper


“Leadership is when you challenge yourself to be a better you everyday. Serving others while still working on yourself. A great leader is somebody who realizes they have to ‘be the change [they] wish to see.'”

– 2013  MIYLT Camper


“I loved the fact that I didn’t walk out of there the same person. I loved (/hated) the hard lessons we had to learn. It was worth it to know that now that we learned it the hard way, it will stick to us a lot longer.”      -2013 MIYLT Camper


“This is my first time attending MIYLT. I am looking forward to an experience I will never forget! I know this camp will help me grow in my leadership skills and become a magnificent leader. A leader is somebody whom people follow, somebody who is in charge, and leads the pack. I am ready and excited to see what MIYLT will teach me so I can become a better leader in my community!”                       -Rose Robilliard